Institutional Mall
(MBR Waste Water Treatment)

Case Study

Description Details
Location Ahmedabad
Produt Submerged MBR Membrane
Capacity 40.00 M3/day
Membrane Area 120 M2
Model No. HMBR 15-8
No Module 1

Project Overview:

The project under discussion hasbeen developed keeping the future businessgrowth in mind and it is a new generationbusiness park in the heart of the city.This Commercial building in oneof Ahmedabad’s very well-known area, andwanted to install a sewage treatment system inits premises to recycle the building sewage. Thetreated sewage water was to be recycled forflushing and gardening purposes.

Plant Details

In a Commercial business parkthe primary utilisation of treated water is influshing application. The installation capacity ofthe STP is 40 KLD where 50% water to be recycledin flushing and the rest for floor cleaning or carwashing.

Case Study

Case Study

Imemflo Solution:

As per Discussion with plantmanufacturer imemflo suggested them to useimemflo hollow fiber membrane. Imemflo HF-MBRis assembled as a complete filtration module. Itconsists of a stainless-steel cage or skid made up ofseveral elements including hollow fiber membranesof imemflo series. Imemflo ‘s HMBR-MA/MBelements have a micro porous structure in themembrane's surface of 0.25μm for optimalmicrofiltration. PVDF materials delivers greaterstrength & durability. Imemflo element has a bidirectional suction configuration to enhancefiltration performances. H-MBR allows large fluxand low investment cost.


installed sewage treatment plantwith a design capacity of 40 KLD located in Gujarat,India Samples of raw sewage and treated water fromthe MBR plant were taken and analysed in laboratoryto evaluate the performance of MBR plant. Treatedwater is being successfully used in Flushing , FloorWashing and Gardening.