Automobile Industry
(MBR Waste Water Treatment)

Case Study

Description Details
Location Ahmedabad
Produt Submerged MBR Membrane
Capacity 20.00 M3/day
Membrane Area 70 M2
Model No. HMBR 10-07
No Module 1

Project Overview:

Shubham Water was given contract to design a wastewater treatment system for a large Automotive component manufacturer in Sanand, Gujarat. The 500 employees of factory generated common wastewater stream containing high levels of organic matter.

Challenge of Project:

  • The Automotive industry had following challenges in waste water plant
  • To be Reused in Truck washing, floor washing and flushing.
  • The space available was limited.
  • The system had to be very efficient to deliver parameters as per PCB Norms in spite of the high level input parameters.

Case Study

Benefit to Client

  • Small Footprint
  • Robust
  • Compact
  • Fully Automatic
  • High purity water
  • Achieve PCB Norms
  • Consistent Quality
  • Easy operation
  • Common blower for aeration &MBR Tank
  • High efficient plant

Imemflo Solution

Case Study

We would like to mention case here that the Automotive industry of Sanand, Gujarat demanded for “A” Class treated Water Quality form sewage treatment plant to reuse in Truck washing , floor washing and toilet flushing. We discussed and advised them to go with our special membranes developed for such application. Imemflo Hollow Fiber membrane is made of PVDF, which has better chemical stability, fouling resistance and mechanical strength. With advanced membrane fabrication technology, imemflo the membrane pore size around 0.25 µ to get a higher water flux and water quality. Imemflo Hollow fiber MBR element has a bi-directional suction configuration to enhance filtration performances.

Process Summary

The process is very simple compact as because of the less space and high EFFICIENCY with simple management of the plant, as a result of high degree of automation (low dependence on human factor). Also constant effluent quality, regardless of the influent is the best part of the technology provided by us. The waste water is initially collected and its O&G is removed then primary treatment is done for the suspended solids removal. Aeration tank is provided for maintaining the dissolved oxygen content and then MBR unit is provided for the removal of the impurities.

Case Study