Corporate house
(MBR Waste Water Treatment)

Case Study

Description Details
Location Ahmedabad
Produt Submerged MBR Membrane
Capacity 125.00 M3/day
Membrane Area 400 M2

Project Overview:

A High-end Corporate house building in one of Ahmedabad’s very well-known area, was installing a sewage treatment system in the premises to recycle the building sewage. The treated sewage water was to be recycled for flushing and gardening purposes.

About Zydus Healthcare

ZYDUS provides world standard healthcare solutions to the community by leveraging advances in medical research science and technology and adoption of best management practices by them. As one of the key players amongst the pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, the group has manufacturing capabilities across the entire pharmaceutical value chain: including formulations, APIs, vaccines, biosimilars, complex products (transdermals, topical etc.), animal health products and wellness products.

Case Study

Challenge of Project

  • Challenge Faced during the project
  • To much variation in flow
  • Less Available space
  • Location of STP undecided and variation in area.
  • To handle high parameter sewage
  • Reuse of treated water in Flushing and car washing.

Case Study

Imemflo Solution:

Case Study

We would like to mention Zydus health care as a case here. Zydus always demand best water quality form sewage treatment plant to reuse in floor washing ,gardening and toilet flushing. We discussed and advised them to go with our special membranes developed for such application. Imemflo Hollow Fiber membrane is made of PVDF, which has better chemical stability, fouling resistance and mechanical strength. With advanced membrane fabrication technology, the pore size of imemflo membrane is around 0.25 μ to get a higher water flux and water quality.


Using our knowledge and experience, we assisted a plant with developing cost-effective ways to manage and treat wastewater. This helped them to have consistently high reusable water quality, Reused in flushing , gardening & floor washing. It also aid them in protecting the environment. Hence we feel proud as our plant is running now so efficiently treating the waste water and providing for reuse again in the premises without any problems.