About Imemflo

About Imemflo

Brief history about the company, and our plans for the future.

If ¾ of earth’s surface is liquid water, surely there must be a reason to it?

iMemflo is in the business of making this planet water secure and creative alternate source of Water by treating wastewater effectively.

The next world war is not going to be about oil or gold. It’s going to be about WATER. And, the reason for this is not difficult to guess.

From automobiles to food and retail business; from daily cleaning and washing to plain drinking, WATER is the No.# 1 resource that we need for sustenance.

For years, we assumed that this resource is not just free, it will also last forever. We made irresponsible use of it and we now face the prospect of depletion due to massive-scale mismanagement and pollution caused to water.

The crisis is going to be severe, as only one-third of the water on earth is actually accessible to man. And much of what is available is also getting eroded by silt, sewage, industrial pollution, chemicals, excess nutrients, and colonies of algae. Per capita availability of good, potable, clean drinking water is diminishing in both developed and developing countries.

imemflo is the leading submerged Membrane manufacturer used in Waste Water Treatment plant . We use the best-in-class technology and cutting-edge tools to foster high-quality, sustainable, community-level water supply projects.

We can design, engineer, and deliver the most innovative, cost-effective solutions for managing your most challenging water woes!

Headquartered in Germany, imemflo has a track record of executing over 100+ installations all over world.


We are committed for creating a very pleasant experience for our customers through flexible, appropriate and reliable water and waste-water solutions. Driven by most ethical and professional standards


We will work with a clear focus and strategic market orientation in providing customer centric solutions and services to our clients. Keeping pace with the latest technological developments, we will combine our innovative thinking to build solutions and services required for maintaining a strong competitive position in the market.

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