Water is a scarce resource and an essential element of all forms of life. Water resources, mainly groundwater is being contaminated due to the use of various chemicals and fertilizers in agricultural fields, The indiscriminate disposal of effluents from industries has also contributed to water pollu

Healthcare facilities are among the largest commercial and institutional water consumers. The water use per bed varies from 120 to 1150 liters per day. It depends on the water needs, geographical location, the institution’s size, services, and the type of the building, including the water usage pr

Hotels use approximately 15 % of the total water in commercial sector for hospitality and other lodging facilities. That’s between five to eight times more water usage than an average home. Therefore, having a proper water management plan, including technology intervention and employees training,

We all need water to live. Without water, there is no life. It is one of the essential elements of our daily lives, whether visible or invisible to the eyes.

No living being can live without water. Whether you drink it, bathe in it, or wash your hands, water is crucial to life. It is a major component of the Earth’s surface and atmosphere that covers 71% of Earth’s surface.

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