imemflo MBR – Flat Sheet

imemflo MBR – Flat Sheet

Flat Sheet Membrane Module

Flat Sheet Membranes are one of the three types of Bioreactor membrane . Flat sheet membranes have Sheet type configuration and are mainly rectangular in shape. The liquid flows through even gapes in the membrane arrangement and it is sucked from all odd gapes to allow liquid pass through the membrane surface. Modules may be stacked to provide a double deck, with further stacking possible for a few products.

Flat sheet membranes are used almost exclusively for Submerged MBRs for both industrial and municipal applications, where they are sometimes favoured for smaller installations on the basis of their operational simplicity.

imemflo is an innovative and high technology enterprise, specializes in the manufacturing of micro-filtration (MF) and ultra-filtration (UF) membranes.

Flat Sheet Membrane MBR

Our membranes modules Hollow Fiber and flat sheet have been successfully used in the fields of surface water purification, pretreatment of desalination sea water, municipal & industrial wastewater treatment and fermentation broth clarification. Imemflo Flat Sheet Membrane is made of PVDF, which has better chemical stability, fouling resistance and mechanical strength. With advanced membrane fabrication technology, imemflo the membrane pore size around 0.1 um to get a higher water flux and water quality. The mortise and tenon structure is used in the support plate to get a more stable spacing without side panels. The support plate can be installed from top and installed from one side without the limits of the construction site conditions.

Laser engraving diamond flow path, coupled with special umbrella support structure, make the suction pressure distribution much better without diverting nonwoven fabrics. This structure reduces the risk of fouling and improves the water flow rate.

Note: We can provide a single membrane element and any size frame to meet customer’s different requests. Such as: FSMBR80-175, FSMBR80-200, FSMBR80-200-2 (double deck), FSMBR80-200-4 (four deck), FSMBR160-200, FSMBR160-200-2 (double deck) etc.

Flat Sheet Membranes

Flat Sheet Membrane- FSMBR 05 (Short type)

Flat Sheet Membrane Short Type
Download Flat Sheet Membrane- FSMBR 05 Catalogue
Flat Sheet Membranes

Flat Sheet Membrane- FSMBR 08 (Standard type)

Download Flat Sheet Membrane- FSMBR 08 Catalogue

Flat Sheet Membrane- FSMBR 16 (Long Type)

Flat Sheet Membrane Long Type
Download Flat Sheet Membrane- FSMBR 16 Catalogue

Note:For different water quality, there will be a different water flow rate. So the user should fully test the membrane module. This parameter is tested at 25℃,-10KPa suction vacuum conditions based on municipal wastewater.

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