Imemflo-control IoT

The Imemflo-control IoT belongs to a new generation of control units developed to meet the requirements of Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Home. It combines the possibility to handle even the most complex sewage treatment processes with connectivity and remote operability.

Imemflo-control IoT range Powerful control units (MBR & continuous plants) with on-board Wi-Fi connectivity and GSM as module – different hardware versions / casings available

Why use the Imemflo-control IoT

IoT Control Units

Integrated webserver

The integrated webserver of the IoT controller series allows you to operate the imemflo MBR treatment plant and to access all information with any browser. Imagine, you’d like to service a plant and the owner of the building is not at home— simply access via Wi-Fi without entering the building. Imagine you would like to operate a big plant “SCADA-like” with a touchscreen— simply add a standard tablet to the control cabinet and connect via Wi-Fi. Imagine, your plant has some troubles, and you don’t like to go hundreds of kilometres—simply connect via GSM and operate and analyse the plant.

HTTP-REST interface

REST using JSON over HTTP is a widely used standard for M2M1 communication. The control unit can thus be integrated into any code base that can communicate over HTTP, including .NET, Java, Python, scripting environments like PHP or JavaScript, and more! Like this, an efficient data exchange between the control unit and telemetry servers, PLC and SCADA devices are possible.

Create sophisticated processes With the Imemflo-control IoT

There are no restrictions to your ideas. BONNEL’s PC soft[1]ware Menu Maker allows programming even the most complex processes and menus efficiently. The IoT controller supports multiple, connected programs, calculations within the process, analogue water level evaluation, automatic switching-off of airlifts, user defined alarm conditions, timers, counters and much more. Once programmed, even you can modify and adopt the software yourself. It is even possible to combine imemflo MBR continuous processes within one control unit to design innovative cleaning processes or to run your buffer pump in duplex mode while cleaning the sewage. Create new business models The IoT platform can help you to create new business models. You want to rent your plants? Block the plant automatically when no payment is arriving. You want to compete with big plants? Connect to SCADA and offer touchscreens. You want to reach remote areas? Control and monitor your plant remotely. You want to do PPP2 or provide cleaning as service? Prove your plant is running well connecting sensors to the analogue input and transfer all data to telemetry servers in the cloud.
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